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Our vision for BBE is simple just like our products.

We want to work together as a family to create Home & Earth friendly products to share with others.


We use clean and pure natural ingredients with a focus on sustainable packaging options.

Everything we make in our workshop, we use in our home and on our bodies. We love to give people natural and sustainable options for everyday items. Products that people can switch easily to create a healthier home for their family.

It makes us happy to see people eliminating nasty chemicals and reducing waste just like we are trying to do in our own home.

Spending time together as a family is important to us. Life is busy and BBE has given us time together and common goals to share. We enjoy creating and growing the BBE brand together.

BBE has been evolving over the last year. We started the business from a need to find a natural hand balm for Ryan. After researching he decided to make his own, this eventually became our B.Tuf hand and heel balm. From there we blended our own underarm balm and lip balm.

The packaging that housed the ingredients was important to us, this needed to be sustainable. We chose cardboard tubing and fully compostable labels for our balm range.

BBE recently bought Second Nature Botanicals to expand our product range. We have been running the Australian SNB company for a few years now since our friends moved back to NZ. Although the bottles may look a little different it is the same recipe that SNB customers know and love.

From our home to yours.
Michelle + Ryan

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